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100% focused on people

100% focused on people

Audatia Creative Agency is a highly rated social media agency purely focused on building relationships between your brand and your people. We have a single goal in mind: to make your brand more likeable in a creative way.

From auditing your company in order to start with a solid base, to organic marketing or paid ads. We have your back. We even helped the brands to develop their presence from scratch, setting up everything for you to be successful.

All of our customers have rewarded us with 5 star reviews, ranking us as a top social media agency in the niche. If you are a passionate business owner, together we can start a true fire.

01. Social Media Audit

Our social media audits are a perfect start for any brand looking to boost their social media presence. Our team analyses your online presence, results, and provides you with crucial insights on the performance of your brand on Facebook, and Instagram.

Our findings can be used by your in-house (or outsourced) marketing specialists to determine the future steps as you move forward on your journey.

After the analysis, you will receive a detailed report containing:

• Channel details analysis & recommendations
• Performance analysis
• Demographic insights & content analysis
• Recommendation for optimal posting times
• Specific next steps for moving forward

The audits are delivered within 3 weeks and are followed by a 30min video/phone consultations where we will discuss the report and answer any questions you might have.

Investment: 375€

02. Social Media Managment

Do you struggle with maintaining a consistent posting schedule, coming up with creative ideas to promote your brand and maintaining a relationship with your audience? Social Media Management is exactly what you need. We will take away your marketing headaches and allow you to focus on your passion.

During our introductory meeting, we will get to know your brand in-depth. What your brand is about, what values are close to your heart, and what goals you would like to achieve. We will talk about your customers, your products, and most importantly- you. In the end relationships are what fuels everything! Every month we will get together to brainstorm new ideas to promote your vision.

Our program will provide you with everything you need to be successful in the world of social media. The offer includes:

•   Developing a marketing strategy
•   Customized monthly content calendars
•   Setting up an organizational/ reporting software for you via ClickUp
•   Developing eye-catching graphics and stories
•   Writing captions for the posts
•   Hashtag research
•   Engaging with your fans (relationships!)
•   Boosting posts to promote your brand
•   Content scheduling

Initial investment: 450€
Monthly investment: starting from 415€ (dependent on the number of social media channels, ad budget, creative needs and publishing frequency)

03. Social Media Advertising

All brands are currently facing a challenge: fighting against the algorithm. For the immediate reward for your social media marketing efforts, investing in ads is extremely crucial.

We have successfully managed ads for our customers in different niches: artists, tech start-ups, fashion brands, martial arts schools. Our service includes:

• Audience research and targeting
• Creative development of the ad
• Daily monitoring of the ad
• Budget recommendation
• Campaign performance reports

Investment: dependent on the complexity of the ad, audience and number of followers

04. Influencer Management

Would you like to start working with a popular influencer in your niche to promote your products and services? Excellent idea! Our team will make sure to help you pick the correct person who shares your vision. Our service includes:

•   Influencer research
•   Strategy development
•   Influencer management
•   Performance analysis

Investment: starting from 1000€

05. Email marketing

Keep in touch with your customers and fans via creative newsletters. Show what is happening in your company, showcase your success and promote your new projects. Paired up with a successful Social Media Management, email marketing brings amazing results! We cooperate with the well- established MailChimp Email Marketing Service.

We send heaps of newsletters every week. Join the fun and choose our program that includes:

•   Custom newsletter design
•   Content creation
•   Scheduling the newsletters
•   Performance analysis

Investment: starting from 200€ (dependent on the creative needs and publishing frequency)

06. Studio Services

Let’s make your product or service stand out with amazing photographs and videos! Our team will provide you with high quality material to tell your story with visual aids. Our goal is to catch your passion and showcase your fire to the audience. When we get together, we will discuss in-depth what your business is about, what drives you and creative ways of showing what your brand stands for.

•   Brainstorming creative ideas
•   Organizing a photoshoot at your company/on location
•   Professional camera equipment & accessories
•   Package of high quality edited materials

Investment: starting 500€ (dependent on location, creative needs and amount of pictures)

07. Copywriting

A great story is important for every brand. Writing captivating posts about your mission and industry, will ensure your position as an expert in the field. And we are here to help you get there.
During our conversation we will discuss what you would like to share with the community, and how best to convey your message. Our team is ready to start the buzz.

Our program includes:

•   Brainstorming topic ideas
•   Writing creative blog posts for your platforms
•   Providing visual content for the post
•   Ensuring that the posts are SEO optimized

Investment: starting from 95€ (dependent on the number of words, creative needs and number of posts)

Wide range of experience and great insight into various platforms & social media strategies. Would definitely recommend!


Digital artist

Outstanding service, professional attitude and amazing skills at problem solving. 6 out of 5 stars.



The effective social media management is the direct consequence of the top-notch customer care skills they have, and choosing the right tone of voice and presentation of our brand. Thank you so much again for everything!



Very professional attitude and excellent job with developing graphics for my brand!


Martial arts instructor

We work together

We work together

Ready to take your socials to the next level?

Ready to take your socials to the next level?

Take the first step and schedule a call with us to discuss your marketing situation. We will cover things as:

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•   Goals you have set for your brand
•   No BS approach. We call things as they are
•   Next steps and launching your program

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